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Energetic Body Therapies

  • Pain relief

  • Transformation of stress provoked defence, escape and fight attitudes into vital energy

  • Relieving blockages

  • Deep relaxations

  • Relieving and removing depression

  • Uncovering the underlying causes and acquiring new actions and efforts

Energetic body therapies activate and harmonize the flow of energy in the body. This occurs by stimulating the body’s self-healing power. Some forms of energetic body therapies are particularly effective for relieving pain. They help by loosening blockages and by relieving functional disabilities. However, they are also used as co-treatment in many conditions, for alleviation of fear, e.g. against test anxiety.



Quantum  Entrainment®

Quantum healing or Quantum Entrainment® works by gentle body contact and transfers the vegetative nervous system into a condition where healing can occur. 


Therapeutic Eurythmy

Therapeutic eurhythmy uses specific body movements to stimulate mind processes to cure disease. The basic elements are the transformation of language and music into bodily movement. Every vocal and every consonant are associated with specific patterns of movements. These movements are tailored to the condition of each patient and stimulate self-healing processes in the body.

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Spacial Dynamics® is a holistic approach for understanding and handling body movements. This therapy was developed by Jaimen McMillan based on the knowledge that disease and pain results in unfavourable patterns of spatial movements. This means that we can influence and heal diseases by means of appropriate movements.



Stress conditions are stored in our muscles. These conditions arise from traumatic experiences like accidents or violent attacks, but also from everyday situations. Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) is an easy-to-learn serie of exercises to which the body reacts with quivering. These quivers act as resolving mechanisms for stress and trauma. Body and mind return to their natural equilibrium. 


Über Mich
Silvia Kugler

Silvia Kugler, born 1953  

As movement- and body therapist I have assisted patients in their healing processes for many years. I have a profound interest in the body’s self-healing abilities and in the possibilities of supporting people in holistic manners by means of body motion. 

Following my musical education, I studied therapeutic eurhythmy (certified with EMR quality label, link) and subsequently I became certified therapist in Spacial Dynamics®. Currently, I am employed as movement therapist in a psychiatric hospital and in parallel I treat an ever growing number of patients in my private clinic. 

My qualifications:


  • Certified movement therapist in Spacial Dynamics®

  • Healing by means of Quantum Entrainment®

  • Certified eurhythmy therapist with EMR quality label

  • TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) therapist

  • Progressive muscle relaxing exercises after Jacobsen (PMR)

  • Pain relief

  • Transformation of stress provoked defence, escape and fight attitudes into vital energy

  • Relieving blockages

  • Deep relaxations

  • Relieving and removing depression

  • Uncovering the underlying causes and acquiring new actions and efforts

About me


“I am happy to offer my experience for your homepage. You have provided me with so many good impulses and opened my mind for older therapeutic methods in simple and logical ways. Now I do not only sleep well, I have also acquired methods for helping myself in much more efficient ways when this is needed. I am doing Quantum Entrainment every day and I am convinced of its efficiency. I can recommend you to others from the bottom of my heart.”

“I got your address from a colleague. You were of great help to her during the difficult period that she went through. She said that when you laid your hands on her she would immediately feel easy and her worries would dissolve. Afterwards she would feel satisfied, happy and relaxed. From you she had learned to let go.

These statements made me extremely curious and hopeful due to my own problems in terms of feeling heavy, tense and with headache. In particular, after fighting problems and worrying during night time. Only seldom I managed to stop my circulating thoughts completely.”

“At last I managed to sit down and write my testimonial. At present I am quite occupied with sensitive issues. My mother recently relocated to a retirement home and we three daughters had to empty her apartment … Here, Quantum Entrainment is in place and I have practiced a lot. Very often it works.”

“You have given me so much. Every day I practice Quantum Entrainment and the world and life has become so much lighter. For the first time, I am convinced of a healing method. It is so simple and effective.”

“Now some weeks have passed after my latest therapy session with you. You have given me so many efficient tips. You gave advice for all my problems. I have experienced that finger touch would relieve muscle tensions, remove pain and worries and create peace inside. Many thanks, Silvia, whenever required I would love to come back for your help.”

"A lot has happened in the last few months. You accompanied me on my road to recovery and were like a guardian angel for me. I have learned to feel my body and to trust it - at least to some extent. You accompanied me sensitively and safely, helped me with impending "panic attacks" and always gave me the right exercises and impulses.
The TRE is particularly healing for me. A huge experience was the redemption of the ancestors, and thus also me. I also learned and experienced that a feeling can dissolve within minutes if you let it go. And yes, that I am to become the bean counter of joyful moments. I thank you very much for all of this."

"Thanks to the eurythmy therapy lessons with Silvia, my symptoms have improved a lot. I thought it was great that we approached the problem with different therapy methods. I felt taken very seriously and together we also tried to find out the cause of the symptoms and to remedy them. Silvia has a fine and lovely way of dealing with people."

Silvia Kugler Therapie

Health Insurance



As EMR registered body movement therapist (eurhythmy therapist) my services are entitled to reimbursement from many health insurance organisations. A list of organisations with EMR acceptance is found here: link.

Please clarify beforehand with your health insurance which services are entitled to reimbursement.



Allow your body time for health and harmony.
Call me or write to me:

Silvia Kugler
Clinique for Energetic Body Therapies


+41 (0)78 851 83 86


Praxisgemeinschaft Sieben

Wiesenstrasse 7a

4900 Langenthal

Dates by appointment.


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